Anthony Metten, MFT Intern

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern IMF70928

Anthony Metten, supervised by Dr. Regedanz, specializes in:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Job Burnout prevention and recovery
  • Work-life balance in Silicon Valley
  • Decision-making
  • Grief

People usually call Anthony when they:

  • Feel like they are ready for a change and want to work with someone who can help facilitate a lasting shift.
  • Are wasting their life feeling stressed and know there is a better way.
  • Have feelings that they know aren’t healthy and want to sort them out with a professional.
  • Need help doing something about problematic patterns.
  • Are ready to grow as the leader, spouse, parent, or person they need to be for themselves and others.
  • Have suffered a loss. They don’t want to forget, and they need to move forward.

Anthony partners with his clients to help them achieve their goals. Anthony’s clients tend to be people who want to make things happen.  To do so, they realize they need to remove obstacles in themselves that get in the way. Anthony’s life experience and depth of knowledge in many different industries, age groups, socio-economic conditions, and cultures allows him to connect with people in ways most can’t. Anthony is dedicated to helping his clients identify and fulfill their personal and professional vision in alignment with their values and ethics.

Anthony has the ability to work with accountability in a way that is empowering instead of defeating.  He understands this paradox: sometimes his clients are committed to making a life change and yet mysterious circumstances can hold them back.  Because he understands the master therapist fundamentals of pacing, goal-setting, accountability, authenticity, and empathy, he helps his clients focus on what is actually important to them rather than dwelling in non-productive shame and regret.  Anthony’s passion is to help individuals overcome their challenges and become who they are capable of being.

Anthony’s background includes 20 years in the banking industry where his last position was as a Senior Vice President.  Anthony resigned from banking in June of 2007 to peruse his passion of helping people and companies who valued authenticity, leadership and ethics.  Along the way, Anthony traveled throughout the United States meeting and working with executives and workers in all industries (public, private, union, governmental and academic) and at all levels to foster healthy, productive working environments.

Anthony grew up in the leather tanning industry where he traveled internationally until the age of 15, being groomed to take over the almost 100-year-old business.  He also has extensive experience in the Trades, Financial Securities and Real Estate Development business, and taught English in Japan.

Personally, Anthony is an avid fitness buff, occasionally participating in Triathlons, Century Rides and anything else that pushes him to discover what he is made of.  He is a regular gym attendee, runner, and cyclist.

Anthony’s clinical stance is humanistic and solution-focused.  He is dedicated to listening to his clients in a way that helps them understand themselves better.

Anthony is a Registered Intern with the Board of Behavioral Sciences. His MA in Counseling Psychology & Career Development is from Santa Clara University.

Anthony is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Coach in the areas of corporate, executive and organizational coaching/consulting expertise and is currently in the final stages of completing his Master Coach Certification.

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