We Help with Addiction Recovery

We Help with Addiction Recovery Are you using addiction recovery tools and asking yourself, “Is this it?”

Has your sponsor said your recovery needs to include some personal work?

Is your recovery solid but your partner still wants a deeper connection with you?

Addiction Recovery Specialist

  • Ann Langley, Ph.D.

You know that getting the substances out of your life was just the beginning. Now that your recovery is stable, you know the real work is about to begin. Maybe you have tried a therapist, but they didn’t understand your recovery process. Maybe you worked with someone who did understand you but who put addictive behaviors at the center of your work instead of the changes in relationships and attitudes that you are ready to start working on now.

Are you ready to:

  • Deal with the emotions that caused your addiction in the first place?
  • Create a new identity beyond your addiction?
  • Begin new relationships or make your current relationships new?
  • Start a life that uses the lesson of your recovery as a source of strength and vitality?
  • Rebuild your sense of self-esteem?

Whether your recovery is built on the 12-steps, cold-turkey, or supportive family and friends, we can help you move your recovery from preventing relapse to the deeper growth and development steps that are now possible for you.

Welcome new possibilities for growth and wholeness

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