We Work with LGBTQI

We Work with LGBTQI

Do you:

  • Feel stuck about how to be yourself in a world that thinks you owe them an explanation about your identity?
  • Believe you have to be discreet about important parts of who you are?
  • Struggle with deep self-acceptance?
  • Wish to explore a piece of your identity?
  • Wonder, “Am I in the right relationship?”

However conscious or unconscious, at this time in our cultural evolution, there is a current of unworthiness, self-criticism, and shame in the queer, trans, intersex community. You might know life doesn’t have to include this particular type of pain, and maybe you don’t know how to be free of it.

Many people who identify on the LGBTQI spectrum report feeling “unlovable” deep down inside. Growing up in a culture with explicit and implicit negative messages about being gay and/or gender non-conforming can result in a lasting sense of shame and inner conflict. Perhaps it masks itself as a need to “be discreet” about your identity, all the while sending a message to yourself that you are “less than”.

These feelings can be compassionately examined and left behind. You can have a much happier, freer, more authentic life than you ever thought possible. You can be yourself without apology or explanation to the outer world.