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We Help Kids and Teens

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We Help Kids and Teens Watching your kid or teen go through a challenging time is one of the toughest experiences as a parent.

Is your child:

  • Struggling with how to deal with anger productively?
  • Withdrawn from family or friends?
  • Not enjoying activities that he or she used to enjoy?
  • Frightened by a bully or a group of other kids? Dealing with cyberbullying?
  • Confused about how to make and keep positive friendships?
  • Trying to understand your divorce?
  • Dealing with the death of a loved one?
  • Worrying often?
  • Experiencing negative peer pressure that she or he doesn’t know how to handle?
  • Acting in a way that is different from what has been “normal” for him or her?
  • Experimenting with risky behaviors?
  • Having problems in school?
  • Confused about how to balance academic or social challenges?
  • Not enjoying their life as they could?
  • Not excited about his or her future?

Kids and Teens Specialist

  • Jonathan Sarlin, LMFT

While these moments can be ones of suffering, they also present opportunities for major growth and positive personal development for your child (and for you as a parent). Finding the right professional guidance can make an essential difference between lasting suffering and learning a template for growth in adversity.

Your child or teen lives in a world with enormous social and academic demands and pressures. It is completely normal to go through ups and downs as kids adjust to new challenges and developmental stages in their lives, but at what point is a challenge or stage something more?

Opportunities for Growth

We can help your kid get back to living an authentic, enjoyable life.
We help our young clients:

  • Understand what they are going through (they are not “bad,” “mean,” “stupid,” or any of the labels they have internalized)
  • Feel empowered to make positive changes
  • Improve their social and emotional functioning
  • Learn how to recognize and self-regulate emotions
  • Prevent acting out negatively at school and at home
  • Focus on what is important to them
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Grow stronger after they have experienced trauma
  • Feel more confident and relaxed
  • Put worry in its place

Help your kid get closer to their better self today

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