We Help Couples

We Help Couples There was a time you meant everything to each other

You were a team.  You excited each other. You brought out the best in each other.

Couples Specialists

  • Myrtle Heery, Ph.D.
  • Jonathan Sarlin, LMFT

Can you relate to any of these relationship challenges?

  • Feeling the squeeze/pinch/frustration of balancing career (full schedules and travel) and relationship
  • Exhaustion from dealing with the needs of the kids
  • Frustration of having the same argument over and over
  • Feeling disconnected and wondering what happened to the intimacy you once enjoyed
  • Concerns over an emotional or physical affair

You want to find a way to love each other again

You want passion.  You want intimacy.  You want to argue less and solve problems more. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable with each other.  You want the relationship with your partner that you used to have and more.

Don’t let the distance get any greater

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